Accomodation rules and regulations


Operator of Penzión HARMÓNIA:
SEA, Agentúra pre vzdelanie a vedu, FMFI UK Mlynská dolina, 842 48 Bratislava

  1. Penzión HARMÓNIA can only accommodate a guest who has ordered and confirmed services by the landlord, or there is a contractual relationship at the place of accommodation or is registered for accommodation. For this purpose, he / she is obliged to identify himself / herself to the receptionist of the HARMÓNIA Guesthouse upon arrival by presenting his / her ID card, passport or other valid identity document. The registration of aliens’ residence is governed by special legislation.
  2. Penzión HARMÓNIA is entitled in special cases to offer guests other than the original accommodation, unless significantly different from the confirmed order.
  3. Based on the ordered accommodation, the accommodation is obligated to accommodate the guest from 14.00. no later than 22.00 hrs. Until otherwise agreed in the order, the guest will book the guest room by this time.
  4. The guest is obliged to check-in and check-out at the Penzión reception no later than 10.00. the next day. Until then, the guest is obliged to vacate the room unless otherwise agreed in advance. If the guest does not fulfill this obligation, the property is entitled to charge the stay for the following day.
  5. The guest is obliged to pay for the accommodation and services provided in accordance with the valid price list in advance upon arrival, this does not affect the payment terms on the basis of individual contractual arrangements.
  6. Possible price difference of ordered and provided services is compensated by possible payment of arrears or refund of overpayment at the end of the stay.
  7. The guest writes down the consumption at the bar and is obliged to pay it before leaving.
  8. It is forbidden to make any changes to the equipment or to intervene in the electrical and other installation in the room and public areas of the Penzión HARMÓNIA.
  9. In Penzión HARMÓNIA and especially in the room guests are not allowed to use their own electric, gas – portable appliances. This restriction does not apply to the use of electrical appliances installed in a room or portable electrical appliances used for the guest’s personal hygiene (shaver, notebook, hairdryer, etc.).
  10. Smoking is allowed only in the exterior of the Penzión HARMÓNIA – balconies and terrace.
  11. The guest is forbidden to use drugs or other narcotic substances in the rooms as well as in the premises of the Penzión HARMÓNIA.
  12. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children unattended by an adult in the interior and exterior of the HARMÓNIA guesthouse. In case of accident or other unforeseen circumstances, the person with whom the child is registered to stay in the HARMÓNIA Penzión is responsible for the child.
  13. Guests are not allowed to bring into the rooms or other designated areas of sports equipment larger sizes – bicycles, skis and the like and other items, which is intended for storage in the premises of Penzión HARMÓNIA.
  14. From 22.00 till 06.00 guests are obliged to observe the night peace. It is only possible to organize social events even after 10 pm in the premises of the HARMÓNIA Penzión with the consent of the responsible employee or management.
  15. For the reception of guests guests are reserved public areas Penzión HARMÓNIA. In the room where the guest is accommodated, the guest can only receive visits with the express agreement of the responsible employee of the accommodation section of the HARMÓNIA Guest House or the management of the HARMÓNIA Guest House from 08.00 till 22.00
  16. Before leaving the room of the Guest House HARMÓNIA, the guest is obliged to close the water taps, turn off the lights in the room and adjacent rooms, turn off the electrical appliances that are in the room, close the balcony door and close or lock the entrance door of the room. hand over) at the reception of the HARMÓNIA Penzión, unless otherwise agreed with the management of the accommodation section of the HARMÓNIA Penzión.
  17. The operator is responsible for the things brought by the accommodated persons into the premises reserved for storing things. The items brought are those which have been brought to the premises by the guests, which are reserved for its storage in the designated place, or have been put into custody to the operator or the responsible employee of the operator for this purpose. This responsibility shall be governed by the provisions of § 758 of the Civil Code. The HARMÓNIA Penzión Operator is responsible for jewelery, money and other valuables only if it is taken over by the HARMÓNIA Penzión Safe / Depository at the reception.
  18. Dogs and other animals are forbidden in Penzión HARMÓNIA.
  19. The guest is liable for damages caused to the property of the HARMÓNIA Penzión according to the valid legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.
  20. Parking at Penzión HARMÓNIA is operated by the Penzión HARMÓNIA.
  21. Complaints, complaints of guests, any comments and suggestions to improve the operation of the accommodation accepts management HARMÓNIA.
  22. Penzion Harmónia is entitled to charge the following cancellation fees
    Cancellation of accommodation:

    • less than 14 days is penalized by 30% of the order price
    • less than 7 days is penalized 50% of the order price
    • less than 3 days from is penalized 100% of the order price

    cancellation of board:

    • less than 24 hours is penalized by 50% of the order price
    • less than 12 hours is penalized 100% of the order price

The accommodation rules are valid from 01.01.2019