Leisure program during your stay in the Harmónia pension

Visit to the city of Modra

1 / Ľudovít Štúr Museum, contact: 033/647 27 65, Štúrova 84, 900 01 Modra

2 / The Ignác Bizmayer Gallery presents the work of a folk artist who has acquired the status of a professional artist.

3 / Slovak folk majolica – folk art production and sale / possibility to order a production tour and participation in creative workshops /Contact: 0905 336 101, Dolná 138, 90001 Modra

4 / Visit to the local cellar / Pivnica u Pradeda, Štúrova 79, 900 01 Modra /, wine shops – Cuvée Modra, address: Štúrova 197/95, 900 01 Modra

In the footsteps of history …

1 / Červený kameň Castle – castle tour,  antiques exchange

2 / Smolenický zámok – tour of the castle only in the summer months


1/ Zámčisko  (castle) / 468m n. m. / is a small Carpathian peak above Modra – Harmony

The path to it is really undemanding and quite short, full of attractions, topped by a nice view of Modra with the possibility of sitting on benches in the peak area. You can get to Zámčisko (castle)  by following the blue sign.

2/ Veľká Homola / 709.2 m above sea level / is a peak in the Little Carpathians about 4 km from Modra. At the top of the hill there is a wooden lookout tower 20 meters high. It was built in 2018 on the site of an old lookout tower from 2001. From the lookout tower there is a circular view of the panorama of the Little Carpathians, Považský Inovec, Tribeč and also the Austrian Alps.

3/ The peak of Veľká homola is accessible by a red sign from the bus stop at Zochova chata, from Harmónia by a blue sign.

4/ Kukla (564 m above sea level) is a distinctive independent hill in the Little Carpathians above the village of Dubová, 6 km north of Modra. On a narrow peak stands a 12 m high wooden lookout tower, built in 2007 on the site of an older lookout tower. Nice panoramic view of the entire Pezinok Carpathians, Červený Kameň Castle, with good visibility to the more distant mountains. At the top, in addition to the lookout tower, there is also a fireplace with benches. Access via a green marked tourist route from Modry-Harmónie to the Tri kopce crossroads, further along the blue.


1 / Hotel pod Lipou:

2 / Hotel Zochova chata:

Eating in Harmony:

1 / Bowling Restaurant

2 / Restaurant Hotel pod Lipou

3 / Café Hollerung